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Charcoal "KOM"

Ecological charcoal KOM city Berkotitza
Charcoals "KOM" are coming from the natural and boundless Balkan Mountains in the heart of mount Kom. The produced charcoals are from natural wood such as oak, hornbeam and beech and free of chemicals, binders and other impurities. The excellent quality of the charcoals complements the natural flavor of the roasted meat, fish and vegetables on the grill or barbeque.

Charcoals "KOM" - IT'S THAT EASY!

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At our company we have always emphasize on quality and purity of our products. Unlike the chemically produced briquettes, our products are completely natural, produced with extreme care and high demand on quality. Since May 2014 our company is using the leading European equipment for charcoal production and processing from Green Power Ltd., Ukraine.
Ecological charcoal KOM city Berkotitza
Warehouse - Ecological charcoal "KOM"


We offer you charcoal made by environmental safety equipment – Pyrolysis Klin. Our production is from wide variaty of hard-wooded spies such as oak, hornbeam and beech. The advantages of charcoal "KOM" are many: They are ecologically clean, has a long-burning time (minimum 5 hours) and you get excellent temperature control. The charcoal does not smoke and does not effect the taste of the food. The product is easy to transport and has a long period of storage time. It is also easy to ignite quickly and you are ready to grill in a minute.
Charcoal "KOM" are available in paper bags of 10, 5 and 3 kg
Екологични дървени въглища КОМ, гр. Берковица
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Ecological charcoal KOM city Berkotitza
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